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Why consider a referral?

Skin disease is a very common presentation in veterinary practice and there are now hundreds of individual skin and ear diseases described in dogs and cats.  General practitioners recognise the need for specialisation and they will tend to recommend a referral when your pet has a difficult or unusual skin disease. As a specialist practice we have the time and knowledge to investigate your pet’s skin problem in depth and we can offer the most advanced treatments available. In effect, we are an extension of your general practitioner’s practice that allows them to offer your pet access to the most advanced care and treatment available.  

What is involved in the consultation?

The initial consultation lasts for around an hour. It is important that you are able to attend because it is helpful to discuss the various options for investigation and treatment with you in person. 

We will take a detailed history from you and then thoroughly examine your pet. It is likely that we will take samples from your pet to examine under the microscope which will be done while you are waiting. We then spend time with you discussing what sort of problem your pet has and the options and cost of treatment and any further investigation that may be required. A full report will then be faxed or emailed back to your own vet within 24 hours of your visit. Further tests, and one or more half-hour follow up visits may be necessary before a final diagnosis can be made. Any tests required are generally done on the day of any particular visit. It will not be necessary for your pet to stay in with us overnight. Reports will be sent to your own vet following each of these visits. You will receive copies of these reports.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the initial one hour consultation is currently £250.00 but this does not include further tests and treatment. The cost varies depending on the type and complexity of the problem your pet has. Please contact us prior to the consultation if you would like a more accurate estimate of cost. 

Does pet insurance cover the cost of consultation?

Provided there are no exclusions, veterinary insurance policies will cover the cost of referral to a veterinary specialist. With one or two exceptions, we are happy to arrange direct claims (this is where your insurance company pays us direct) but we do request that you contact us at least 48 hours prior to the consultation so this can be set up. 

How is a referral consultation arranged?

If you decide to go ahead with the referral consultation, your vet will fax us your details. You will then be contacted by Alison, our receptionist, who will arrange an appointment time that best suits you. Your vets will send us your pet’s case history and results of any tests that have already been done.