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Cytology Submission
Repeat Immunotherapy

Clinics in Glasgow

We consult in Glasgow on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Some of our current fees (inclusive of VAT)

Initial one hour consultation £250.00
Half hour revisit consultation £125.00
Cytology reading service (for referring vets) £80.00
Procedures (In addition to visit charge)  
Allergy work up including skin testing Approx £1000
Ear work up including Video-otoscopy/ ear flush Approx £1000
Laser surgery  
Generic laser surgery (including anaesthesia) £1800-2500 

There will be some variation depending on the individual case. Costs and investigation/ treatment options are always discussed with the client.

Referring cases

Our aim is to try and make the process of case referral as hassle free for you as possble. If you would like to refer a case, please complete a case referral form. We will then contact the owner directly to arrange the appointment and let you know when the appointment has been made. Please feel free to call or email us if you would like to discuss the case prior to referral.

The case history emailed or posted to the practice is very much appreciated as are any blood test results and previous biopsy reports. Emailing case histories is preferable if they are very long. We are happy to arrange direct claims for clients but we do request 48 hours notice before the consultation so this can be arranged.

Cytology slide reading

Cytology is the keystone of dermatology. We offer a cytology slide reading service. Unstained impression smears, tape strips, ear cytologies and fine needle aspirates may be submitted. If you would like to submit a sample please download a submission form.

Client leaflets

On occasion, despite good advice, some clients are reluctant to consider referral. This reluctance may be due to a number of concerns including cost, travel and the thought of further investigation. Our client leaflet attempts to address these concerns and we have had some good feedback from practices. Please call or email us if you would like further supplies of these leaflets Any feedback on these leaflets is much appreciated.

Large animal dermatology

We have experience treating skin diseases in horses and ruminants. We are happy to travel to see cases in Scotland and the North of England. If you wish to refer a case or would like to discuss a case, please call us on 0141 427 4257.